2022 Policy Hack-A-Thon


The second annual 2022 Policy Hack-A-Thon event will be held virtually on Saturday, Nov. 19, and will involve students who are organized into groups and given real health care or program challenges to address. Students will address the issue with technology, education and policy. The teams — which will be assigned through the committee, you will not need to have a pre-arranged group to register — will present their work and judges will determine the strongest presentation. This will then convert into a paper and policy work to put the plan into action.

*Please note: To ensure adequate time for teams to prepare for the competition, we will be hosting a kick-off event on Monday, Nov. 14, to discuss the policy each group will be working on and answer any questions.



  • Kick-off event: Monday, Nov. 14
    • Location: Virtual
    • Time: 6:30 p.m.
  • Day-of-event: Saturday, Nov. 19
    • Location: Virtual
    • Time: 9 a.m. to noon


  • Virtual | Zoom link will be provided via email

Why should I participate

After attending and participating in the policy Hack-A-Thon, students will learn:

  • Discuss health care issues using concepts involving technology, education, and policy
  • Apply principles of effective communication to enhance teamwork
  • Evaluate a current health care issue and solution to improve patient outcomes

Who can participate

  • Undergraduate, professional and graduate students at UF Health Sciences
    • Nursing
      • DNP residency hours available for those taking the DNP Residency course
    • PHHP
    • Pharmacy
      • Co-curricular hours available through participating in the Hack-A-Thon event
    • Dentistry
    • Medicine
    • Vet Med
  • Open to students from across campus