The Florida Blue Center for Health Care Quality brings together experts from a variety of disciplines at UF, including health services administration, nursing, health policy, medicine, pharmacy, public health and sociology, to design and evaluate improved approaches to health care access and delivery. It is housed within the College of Nursing and the College of Public Health and Health Professions.

The Florida Blue Center is supported by a generous gift from Florida Blue with the ultimate goal of improving health and health care for the citizens of Florida. The Center’s faculty, staff and students are accountable for the quality and integrity of all work conducted in the Center.

Florida Blue does not in any way influence or endorse the research, projects or programs pursued by the Center, nor does Florida Blue necessarily support findings or recommendations from the Center. Florida Blue is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.


The Florida Blue Center for Health Care Quality will establish programs dedicated to the health priorities of the Florida Blue Foundation (FBF).  In so doing, the Center will serve as a source for research, education and quality improvement by providing courses and training, dissemination of research and quality improvement to improve the health of Floridians and reduce healthcare costs. 


  • Support and conduct research and quality improvement to align with the health priorities of Florida Blue Foundation.
  • Provide educational opportunities online via the Center website that are related to addressing the health priorities of the Florida Blue Foundation.
  • Disseminate findings and results from funded research and quality improvement projects.