Florida Blue Foundation – Strategic Plan

The Florida Blue Foundation recently refreshed its strategic plan, and updated objectives and focus areas. We will prioritize our resources to improve the health outcomes of Floridians, while aligning our efforts with community needs and serving as a thought leader and trusted partner in our communities.

Through three new strategic Drivers of Health, we believe we are firmly positioned to make a difference in the health of individuals and communities in Florida through our philanthropic resources. The Foundation will focus its funding priorities on these three areas that have a significant impact on the health of Floridians: Food SecurityHealth EquityMental Well-Being. As we look at the magnitude of the challenges presented by COVID-19, we will stay focused on the individuals, families and communities in need, even more so, after this pandemic.

Driver of Health: Food Security

Goal: Impact food security of families and communities to help mitigate associated costly issues, which can be detrimental to health, development and well-being

Target Issues:

  • Access to healthy food for those who live in food deserts
  • Affordability of healthy food
  • Awareness and education surrounding proper nutrition

Driver of Health: Health Equity

Goal: Improve health equity to ensure that families and community members have both the access and opportunity to attain full health potential and are not disadvantaged due to environmental, economic, and social circumstance.


  • Access to health and health care for underserved populations
  • Provider awareness and education around the health inequity of patients
  • Access to health education

Driver of Health: Mental Well-Being

Goal: Advance mental well-being for families and community members to mitigate the stressors associated with issues that often impact entire families and/or communities

Target Issues:

  • Awareness of current mental health status
  • Education around mental well-being
  • Support in addressing stress, anxiety, loneliness, addiction, etc.